Monday, 20 January 2014

Now there's a funny thing

Now there's a funny thing... Lloyd my youngest age 13 was reminiscing over his homework dodges being severely autistic he maintains that if its work you cannot do it at home.. because you go out to work.. not home.. I see his point.
While still at primary school he just did not do homework... these are reasons he gave teachers and staff :

1. He left it at Gala Bingo who gave it to the winner of the first game.. and the winner was so happy she emigrated to Australia and it was then eaten by a lost Giraffe.

2. It was eaten by a bookworm who was eaten by a blackbird that was eaten by a cat that was eaten by dog that was eaten by a Lion that was out looking for supper after the staff at Chester zoo left the gates open

3. It was in my desk.. but a hungry mouse chewed it up to make a nest, but because he was hungry he ate it.

4. Dinosaurs are reading it coz it's funny.

5. I was out having a drive in Dad's Delorean and forgot it was in the glove box.. then  dad took it back in time.. 100,000 years crashed the car and the glove box opened and it was lost in a prehistoric bog.

6. You never gave me any.. honest miss (with stone face)

7. You gave it to the other Lloyd... he's not in today.

8. Gilbert (his favourite bear) hid it and wont tell where it is.

9. It got lost in space after a stray meteor sucked it out of the atmosphere.

10. Gilbert (that bear again) took it for his relatives in Al bear ta so they could learn to read and be clever like him.

11. It was stolen by homework thieves.

12. It rained on it and it dissolved.

13 I accidentally spilled invisible ink on it and cant find it.

14. Dad used it to make paper planes.

15. I was outside in the garden about to start it when a Magpie came and stole it straight out of my hand.

16. Mum put it in the wash by mistake.. and when it came out it was blank.. so Mum threw it away.

17. Aliens took it, they thought it might be secret intelligence.

18. I am not the Lloyd you are looking for.

19. Ohh Gilbert.. you naughty bear.

20. Did you know there is such a thing as a homework monster?.. ask him not me.

All I can say is Lloydy.. keep your sense of humour son... still makes me laugh .

Friday, 4 January 2013

Britain isn't broken... its smashed to pieces - my view of 2013

Well Its the 4th day into 2013.... and to be perfectly frank... I'm not impressed.

Fact is I'm a little pissed off to say the least.
And whats more some one has upset my youngest Lloyd who is severely autistic and very sensitive, by stealing his CCTV camera we bought him for Christmas so he could watch the birds and other wildlife in the garden without going out in the cold and scaring them away (he gets a bit loud when excited).

As I get older I come to realize that there's always some one who will upset you for whatever reason, but to steal something from a child is in my view the sickest of the sick.... and yes I know the thief who stole the camera lives close by and knows everything in our garden is for my autistic kids.... so I know that he has done this more out of spite than for the need to feed himself or his possible drug habbit.

Then there's the bloke ( down the road ) who thinks " Hey you left it outside, you deserve to get it nicked"... Oh I suppose we should remember that when someone steals your car from outside your home......after all you left it outside !

I don't know if its me or what...even if the thief was caught and put before the courts, he would walk away with a piddling little fine that would never be paid, no compensation for loss or damage.... nor an apology.

What the hell is happening to our country? Is this progress? Is this really the way forward? where we must give way to the criminal element in society because we have no solution to deal with it due to overfull prisons, remand centers and Do-gooders.

Our police force is that overstretched its on the verge of collapse, so to expect a response within 3 days is not realistic, in the meantime the thief carries on sneaking around gardens at night to steal anything that will earn him his fix... whether it be drugs or just adrenalin.

So what is government going to do about our police forces? first thy cut back... then they cut back a bit more... crime is on the increase... but they cut back even more, then they try to merge forces together to make it more efficient... and yes.. they cut back till you have a police force that is as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike.

Government tells us that crime is decreasing..... yes according to UK government figures there is less crime now than 5 years actual fact reported crime is down... not the same thing is it?

So crime is up policing is down, benefit cuts to the unemployed and disabled will lead to more crime that will become fact as the government have said as much themselves.

Poverty will increase by 30% in England and Wales in the next 12 months, More and more people will become homeless as the cuts take serious effect on the poorest.
Immigration must be halted for the foreseeable future or this country will go into meltdown.
It's OK government saying it won't happen... it already is.

Our ability to feed cloth and keep ourselves clean are slowly draining away, even with record rainfalls our reservoirs are still not full and if we get a hot dry summer this year there will be hose pipe bans over most of the UK.... all because of the obsession to fill the country with skilled workers that do not exist.

Building regulations are being changed as well this year... but nobody knows what the rules they are openly planning to build houses on flood planes renowned for serious flooding, where Insurance companies are refusing to insure... cant say I blame them for that.

Benefits some cannot live without them while others abuse them.
Itinerant bogus claimants are the main cause of benefit fraud on a large scale. often found working while claiming multiple benefits, including DLA... they need stopping, have done for years... and what does our government do?

It persecutes all unemployed and disabled people instead of dealing with the problem at the root cause.
It wrongly assumes all unemployed want the money but don't want the work and they wrongly assume all disabled people are fraudsters who really are the scum of the earth.

But it's ok for MP's to steal from the state without prosecution to deliberately lie to the people who elected them, or not as the case may be. to conduct dicey deals with private companies, to recieve payments for favours (bribery) the corruption is disgraceful.

Britain isn't broken... its smashed to pieces

Monday, 20 August 2012

Coucil versus Private who has more "Human Rights"

Is it me or am I imagining that our noisy neighbours can and do get away with anything they wish... annoying fellow neighbours with throwing rubbish in there garden deliberately, playing excessively loud music at all hours of the night, if there children are challenged even in the nicest way they are met with a mouthful of abuse and threats... the list goes on regardless of police warnings.

There next door neighbour who was old and a diabetes sufferer tried talking with them... but they ignored her ... she suffered countless sleepless nights because of the constant noise and although she reported the constant abuse the police and local council took no action.... sadly she was taken to hospital where she died and although her abusive neighbours cannot be blamed for her death, they did not help the situation with there constant abuse, and showed no remorse on the day/night of the funeral by throwing a party till the sun came up leaving her only daughter to suffer the same abuse.

The police were called, the local council said they were powerless without evidence, so the daughter had good quality cctv installed.... but still nothing done... the abuse goes on, the council installed noise monitors... and as is the law informed the offenders of the dates the monitoring would be carried out.... and to no surprise... the noise and abuse stopped.... then started again after the removal of the recording equipment.

The council wrote to the owner of the property in an effort to get the matter sorted....but there's a problem with that... in the fact that the owner of the property is the brother of the the tenant... the house was originally a council house bought by him.
The tenant family in question are on benefits, how then can they afford to own a static caravan in a popular coastal location with  the prices of increasing ground rent and maintenance ? 

Something is not right here but as always no one is listening... and those that are, are amazed at the lax way in which this has been handled. 
Is it really that no one is listening... or is it that cutbacks mean that there's less money to deal with this type of deliberate crime?
Because of the length of time this has been going on, the present cuts have no baring on this so that's easy to dismiss, which leads me to my asking my local council why no forward movement on this ?

Today I got the answer... wait for it.... "Human Rights" .... what does that mean? 
Apparently they have the right to do as they want because its private property providing it does not break any criminal law.

So constant abuse is legal because its carried out on private property ?
Leaving your dog outside all night in the rain barking its head off trying to get its owners attention who was heard to tell the dog to "shut the fuck up" before going back inside without the dog.
I called the police... they sympathised but were powerless to do anything... its the law... civil they said.

Just after 6.30 this morning my youngest autistic son was complaining of a headache... "because of the loud barking dog" he said... I knew he had been awake since around 3am ..the barking was now continuous... and against police advice I hammered on there front door... no reply... but the blinds on the front window gave a telltale twitch that said they knew I was not a happy bunny...hence to say a few minutes later the dog stopped barking as it was let back into the dry warm house... peace at last... until the next episode...

So where do we go with this ? I am not fortunate enough to take out a private action I only wish I was then maby we would feel safer in our beds... and be able to get a peaceful night sleep without interuptions... or do my or my childrens or my neighbours "Human rights" not go that far... as council tenants we have less rights than non council tenants... if that's not true then we need action now before something serious happens... but neither I nor my neighbours expect little respite in the meanwhile, the swearing kids,the barking dog tethered outside with no shelter,the excessively loud music, revving cars morning, afternoon and night... frustration is not the word... more like desperation.

Names and places have been withheld so as not to invite any retaliation.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

It's Tuesday 12th June 2012

It's Tuesday 12th June 2012....

Now its the time of day (evening) that I look forward too, the kids are in bed snoring there little heads off and I'm ready for a stiff drink... orange juice ? (my usual) Naaaa bugger this for a game of gunless soldiers... bring on the Bacardi n coke..... I do like a bit of the old Ronaldo every now and then... say what?... pint please (instructions to her who wears the trousers)... sorted.... its OK its 90% coke a cola

What a strange day... well I overslept... better than saying I slept late, but had a cracking sleep.
Then I did my usual over breakfast (strong fresh black coffee - Italian blend) and scoured through the press pages... yuk.. more garbage about the piggin' Euro... the Leveson thing...groan.....

Spent the rest of the day trying to keep the feckin' cats out of my garden... Sparrowhawks and other birds of prey I can put up with... but cats killing for the hell of it..... not in my garden !!!

Don't get me wrong, I wont hurt them, they have as much right to life as any animal.... but its not as if they are starving, or eat the birds... they don't, and that annoys me tremendously.

I can hear you thinking, buy an electronic cat scarer... you seen the price of them ?.... well worth considering in the future though... if the price comes down by £20... I might buy two.

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new Canon 60D digital SLR camera with full HD video... great for wildlife and a couple of good lenses (only need one more 100mm f2.8 macro true 1:1) 

Well the price was right, (under £500) and the time is moving on, so I said to hell with it and ordered it yesterday... cant wait to see how it compares to my Panasonic digital cd video camera with 1000x magnification... somehow I don't think the VCD stands a chance with quality... but I'll have to wait and see.

Watched a bit of Springwatch tonight on BBC2 brill cameras.... but better still brill wildlife and it made me think of those little birds... and bird flu... what a killer... so out I went into the garden and got the Jeyes fluid out (it kills bird flu) and I disinfected the feeders, birdtable and accesories... job sorted.... the hardest part was reeling in the hosepipe I used to wash the disinfectant away... I was out of breath so much I sat on the bench in my garden and dozed off for 15 minute......wonder i never fell off....haaahaahaa.

That's another day in the life of a soft old git I suppose... ahh well another day tomorrow, wonder what it'll bring ? nothing new or unexpected I suppose. sleep well peeps I'm off to me bed soon I'm knackered !

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Am I getting old ?

Now then... I'm getting on a little I know and my old legs cannot walk that far these days and on the rare occasion when I do get out and get to walk more than a few yards... I find I'm out of breath and my legs are aching like hell... " you need a little chair love" says the wife who's trying to stop me from falling over....  " "something foldable nice and light to carry" she said.
I suddenly remembered the little folding fishing seat I had when I was a much younger bloke, it was made of solid steel rod that crossed over with a piece of canvas as a seat... I described it to her and today she tells me she has found one......nice for when I get out and need a seat to rest my legs... "there's only one problem" she says... I wait in anticipation .... "Its fabric is that of a brightly coloured deckchair".

Now me liking to get out and about to get to places not too difficult to reach without hurting myself is great... but the thought of brightly covered seats might not be welcome by some wildlife, and may deter them from showing themselves... just a though ... "Just think" quips the wife " it will be like going to the seaside".... last time  I remember going to the seaside I got shit on by just about every bird there.... No taa.!!!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Feckin' Council

Grrrrrr.... don't you hate it after 3 hours of waiting on the end of a phone trying to get through to someone who's supposed to be there but feckin' isn't ?
I'm talking about the feckin' repairs manager in the council who sent a bloke to replace an air vent but instead he replaced an air vent over a bathroom exhaust fan that is now unusable because of the fire risk due to the overheating fan, the original air vent remains unrepaired .

Now trying to get the manager is not an easy task at the best of times... but a council manager is nigh on feckin' impossible... I mean its not as if he never promised to phone me with a new date to come re repair the original repair and the exhaust for my bathroom that we can no longer use....

Can I speak to him by appointment ? can I buggery.... but I can write to him via the council.... and if I'm lucky... I might get a feckin' reply..... Grrrrrr.... Feckin' Council.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Can you put your hands in my head ? Oh no !

You know what its like when you feel like Blogging but keep getting cold feet when the push comes to shove ?
Well that's exactly how I feel at the moment... I know I need to do it to clear the air with myself... but I'm buggered if I can put my feelings into the right words and context that make any kind of sense to me...or anyone else for that matter..... Its as if some one has there hands in my head jumbling everything up just to piss me off.

I think part of my problem is that I have become fearful of what I might write... I have grown resentful of society being critical of those who cannot help being in a situation that now makes them the most hated group in modern day society... the genuinely disabled and sick.... people from all walks of life who are not in a position to help themselves financially because of the prejudice projected from the likes of 'Politicians' who see all of us as scrounging scum.

My other problem is I am a stickler for getting things right.... and more often than not... I get it totally wrong, still I suppose you can put that down to experience..." keep trying " says the little voice at the back of my head . Hmmm... Dare I ask...  Can you put your hands in my head ? thinking about it... Oh NO!